Why is Family Portraiture Important?


Why is family photography important?

My son brought home a photo that was taken of the two of us during the last week of school. It was printed on ordinary printer paper and was not a great picture, but it was special to him. He asked me to help him frame it to put on his desk in his bedroom.

As a proud smart phone-toting mom I carry thousands of photos of my kids with me, but I often forget that while I have access to those pictures, no one else does. My kids love looking at old photos of themselves and are thrilled to be able to display framed photos in their rooms. There is something special about how photographs show love and connection.

Family photography allows us to capture times in our lives when we are all together and we look great! Professional portraits will never replace the moments you capture on your phone through photos and video, but will make sure you have lasting memories that you can share with your family for a lifetime.


Professional portraiture is worthy of sharing.

When you take the time to prepare for professional portraits you look your best. Everyone comes together, dresses nicely, and generally looks great. Your photographer is experienced at posing your family to emphasize your best qualities and hide your flaws.

Great photos make you want to share them. A great portrait belongs on your holiday card, as your Facebook cover photo, and on your wall. Professional portraits make great gifts for your extended family.

Printed portraits are special

Make prints. Don't just have digital files. No one runs into a burning house for a USB drive. You don't even run in for your laptop computer. You run in and grab your baby book. Your wedding album. Your photographs. Make prints of your images. Have your photographer make heirloom-quality prints of your photographs so that your grandkids can show their kids your photos.

Portrait Styles

When you think about portraits there’s a pretty good chance that you get a mental picture of what a portrait is. Some prior experience has colored what comes to mind when you think about having your portrait taken. Maybe it was annual school photos taken in the first weeks after the start of school. Maybe it was family portraits in a studio. Some of you may think about fashion models on a photographer’s set getting their photograph taken for a magazine.

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Makeup for Great Portraits

Preparing for your photo shoot usually begins a few days or weeks before the actual day of your session. You have to set up the details. You have to pick the outfits. You have to get everyone ready for the shoot. And then there’s you. You hold the whole thing together. And you want to look good! 

I will help you with great lighting and posing, but usually they makeup and clothes are up to you. This post is to help you get the makeup right so you look gorgeous and feel confident.

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Sweet & Simple Pricing

In the world of professional portrait photography there are two basic pricing models. There is the you pay one price and you get your photographer’s time and talent, plus digital files. This is called “All Inclusive” by the photographers who adopt that model and is called “Shoot and Burn” by all those who follow the other model. In general, more established photographers avoid this model and opt for the more customizable (and profitable) prints/products model. 

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How to Hang a Print

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you probably know how I feel about having physical prints of your photographs, if not, you can read about it in this post Digital Isn’t Forever. That being said, I feel very strongly that the best place for your photographs to be kept is as physical prints. A hard drive stuffed full of precious memories is great, but there is nothing quite like a print hanging on your wall.

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Session Profile: Family Portraits

This is the first post in a series of session profiles. These posts are different than session shares where I show you the highlights of a single client session. This series will show you what is possible.

Family sessions feature you and your family. The point of family sessions is both to capture an important time in your life, but also to capture the interaction between the members of your family.

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