Product Highlight: Heirloom Albums

Photo Albums have long been the gold standard in collecting and displaying family photographs. You may be fortunate enough to have albums from several generations of your family. 

When most people think of photo albums they either think of the old press and stick albums you buy at the drug store or super expensive wedding albums. Fortunately, there is actually quite a bit between those two extremes.

Consumer Albums

I've ordered photo books from Shutterfly, Apple, and Blurb. All make nice products, but they are definitely aimed at the consumer market where ease of ordering and low cost are the highest priorities. If you're making a photo book of your latest family vacation or of your Instagram photos these are all great choices.

 Lay-flat Heirloom Album

Lay-flat Heirloom Album

Professional Albums

As a professional photographer, I work with several different photography labs. Different labs have different strengths. Some vendors are just fantastic a creating canvas wall prints. Others can't be beat for press-printed cards. And then there are the album companies... so many album companies. Albums come in all sizes and styles suited to meet the varying needs of diverse clients. The shear variety can be overwhelming.

For maternity and family photos I love the clean look and style of leather and linen albums. These albums come with square page layouts, perfect for either panoramic page spreads or multi-image layouts. 

Professional albums are printed on archival paper and made to last for generations. While they cost a little more than consumer albums, they really are worth it.

I would love to show you some sample albums. Contact me and we can schedule a get-to-know you meeting.