Photographing Siblings

Photographing Siblings

I was an only child until I was 19. I never had to share. Never had to compromise. Never had to defend myself. But I also never had a best buddy to whisper with in the middle of the night. I never had a constant friend who knew everything about me.

 A whisper and a knowing glance between brothers.

A whisper and a knowing glance between brothers.

As an adult I got to witness the interaction between my husband and his sister. Their closeness, the way they pick on each other like no one else can. I envy the close relationship that they have because they have known each other so well and for such a long time.

I now have a brother of my own and we are very close, but the age difference means we never had the same sort of relationships that many siblings have. He means the world to me. I wish we had grown up together.

As a mom to two boys I am constantly in awe at the ability of siblings to both be the best of friends and the worst of enemies. The love and protect each other relentlessly. They also bicker and pick at each other like no one else can.

When photographing siblings it’s important to capture the intimacy of their relationship. The playful nature. The protectiveness. 

I recently bribed my boys to let me photograph them in gorgeous morning window light. The images we made capture their relationship perfectly.

A few tips to the get most out of your sibling photos:

  1. let them interact naturally
  2. have them sit or stand close together
  3. play a game with them (like telephone or 20 questions)
  4. shoot a LOT of pictures

I urge you to photograph your kids both individually and with siblings. As time passes you will want to remember how they interacted together when they were small. 

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