5 Things Your Wife Really Wants for Valentine’s Day


When we were little Valentine’s Day was easy. You would either make cards for everyone in your class or you would buy the box from the grocery store with little punch out cards. If you were *really* fancy you would buy the little boxes of conversation hearts and give those out.

As we get older we get more selective in our choice of recipients for Valentines, but we also get a whole lot pickier about what we want to receive.

When we were in our teens we wanted candies and flowers. In our twenties we wanted candy, flowers, and jewelry.

Now that we’re all grown up and have families to care for, our wants and desires are far more complex. Sure flowers are nice. Jewelry is still great, but what we really want is something more meaningful.

1. Fancy Night Out with You

She wants to go out someplace special. Someplace with a wine list and candles on the table. Hire a baby sitter. Make a reservation. Plan something nice to do besides just dinner (walk on the beach, dancing, concert, you get the picture).

2. Family Day Out


She wants to spend time out as a family doing something fun. I don’t mean bowling or the movies, because really, those are more for the kids than for her. I mean something like a trip to your local botanical gardens or an art museum. In my area a couple of great family-friendly afternoon spots are the Los Alamitos Rancho (free, Wednesday through Sunday 1-5)and the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA).  ($9 per person or less, open Wednesday through Sunday 9-6 and later on Friday).

3. Make Dinner

There is nothing more enticing than a great meal. Well, a clean house, but you get the point. If a fancy dinner out is not in the cards, plan a fancy dinner in. Make something that will wow her, but doesn’t require a degree in culinary arts. A few great ideas are Pioneer Woman’s Bruschetta Chicken, Alton Brown’s Steak au Poivre  , or Pinch of Yum’s Simple Hoisin Glazed Salmon.

4. Plan a Spa Day for Her

Her first choice would be for the two of you to go together, but if it’s not your thing, plan it for her. Many spa’s offer packages that include a few of treatments plus a light lunch. Look for one of those and book it. Don’t just get a gift certificate. Call the spa and book the appointment for her. Make sure you make plans for the kids for that day, as well.

5. Give Her a Gift that Really Lasts

I’m a photographer, so naturally I think that photographs make one of the most remarkable gifts, but this year you can make it truly special by planning a photography session to both capture memories of this time in your lives, but also that promises to be a fun day out. When you invest in professional photography you don’t just get pretty photos. You get art pieces for your home that will last a lifetime. Do something different this year. Check out our Valentine's Gift Special for the perfect photography gift for your honey.


Let me know what you think of this list. Which one would be your top pick?