Session Profile: Family Portraits

Family Portrait Sessions


This is the first post in a series of session profiles. These posts are different than session shares where I show you the highlights of a single client session. This series will show you what is possible.

Family sessions feature you and your family. The point of family sessions is both to capture an important time in your life, but also to capture the interaction between the members of your family.


Your family may consist of two people, ten people, fifty people, or anything in between. The biggest difference in the session between a small family and a large family is how long it will take. 

The goal of a family session is to both photograph the family as a whole, but also capture the smaller sub-groups. Each member of your family will be photographed alone. We will also capture siblings, just the girls, just the boys, parents alone, and each parent with each child. If we are photographing an extended family we will gather those same sub-groups for each family unit.

What about Fido? Our dog is a full-fledged member of my family, why shouldn’t he be included in our photos? Pets are welcome at your session!


Family portraits are about relationships. The interaction between members of your family are unique and special. My goal is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and is able to express his or her personality.


Maybe you want family photographs to commemorate a life event, such as the addition of a new family member or an extended family reunion. Sometimes you just want a really great photo for your holiday cards. Whatever your reason, we can meet your needs.


Most family portrait sessions take place “on location.” What does “on location” mean? It means out and about in the world. We may go to a park, nature center, or urban location for your photo shoot. We could also meet at your home. “On location” just means not in a studio environment. On location photo shoots allow for a variety of different looks and are especially great for larger families.



Family portrait session can take place anytime you want family photos! They aren’t limited to a particular time of year, but are extremely popular in the late summer and early Fall as people start to think forward to holiday cards.


This is the most important part of family photo sessions. Why should you take the time for professional photographs, because your family will never be exactly the same as it is right now. You kids will grow.

As your kids grow they will want to see photos of you all together. They want to see YOU in the photos. They want to see dad in the photos. Take this time and capture your now.

I would love to talk to you about your family portrait session. Contact me to get started.