How to Hang a Print

How to Hang a Print


If you’ve followed this blog for a while you probably know how I feel about having physical prints of your photographs, if not, you can read about it in this post Digital Isn’t Forever. That being said, I feel very strongly that the best place for your photographs to be kept is as physical prints. A hard drive stuffed full of precious memories is great, but there is nothing quite like a print hanging on your wall.

My home is filled with art. I belong to a family of artists, so there are oil paintings, acrylic pantings, pencil drawings, hand-made prints, pastels, and photographs. Many, many photographs. Most of the art is decorative (for beauty or decoration), but my favorite pieces are all those that feature images of my family. I have a collection of deadpan portraits in my office that brings a smile to my face every time I walk into the room. I have a romantic painting of my husband and me that was a wedding gift hanging in our bedroom, my children have tons of photos in frames on their dressers and even more larger prints on their walls. My living room features portraits of my kids from our most recent portrait session with Mallory.

Let's Back Up a Step

The first step to hanging your art is deciding what to put up! Picking images that complement your decor is the first step. Do you want individual portraits of each child or one big family portrait? Will we create a collection of images that hang together and complement one another? We can work together to pick the right images, in the right sizes, for the perfect look for your home.

Next you need to decide what style print you want. 

Traditional framed prints are always popular. The photograph sits behind an over-mat and glass within the frame. Generally the print size is about half of the overall frame size. Canvas prints can be hung with or without frames and generally do not have an over-mat.

Contemporary print styles include metal prints, wood prints, and my favorite, Thin Wrap prints. These prints all hang frameless on the wall and include mounting hardware from the lab.

Hanging a Print

Regardless of which print style you select, hanging of prints follows the same set of steps.

First, decide where you want to put the print(s). Museums hang their art at 57” on center. Which means that the center of the art sits at an imaginary line 57” above the floor. This means that art of various sizes can hang side by side and look ok. This is a good place to start. If you are hanging multiple prints as a cluster, measure the 57” as if it were one large piece.


Make a template. I use a piece of craft paper as a guide. I put the paper on a flat surface and place the art on top of the paper. I mark the edges of each piece with pencil on the paper and then mark where the piece will hang from. 


Transfer the paper template to your wall and attach with low-stick painters tape. Check the height of the template and make sure it is level.


With the template in place you can now put your nails or hooks into the wall with confidence.

Once all the hangers are in place, put your art up. You may need to adjust the position of each piece on the hanger slightly to ensure it is level and hanging properly. If your piece is hanging crooked move the whole piece on the hanger, don’t just push on a corner or your art will settle back into the crooked position eventually.

Stand back and admire your work! 

Does this sound like too much work? Don’t despair, with every wall piece you buy from Lux 22 you get personal installation of your wall art in your home. I love seeing your art up on your walls and I know how easy it is for your beautiful prints to sit in the corner waiting for a convenient day to hang them.


The photos on this tutorial are Copyright 2015 Carolyn Haines/Lux 22 Photography. The prints in the image are Copyright 2014 Mallory Roa Photography, all rights reserved.