Sweet & Simple Pricing


All Inclusive vs. Session + Prints

In the world of professional portrait photography there are two basic pricing models. There is the you pay one price and you get your photographer’s time and talent, plus digital files. This is called “All Inclusive” by the photographers who adopt that model and is called “Shoot and Burn” by all those who follow the other model. In general, more established photographers avoid this model and opt for the more customizable (and profitable) prints/products model. 

But here’s the thing. You, the client, just want great photos. Period. You don’t care what pricing model the photographer uses, as long as you get what you need, what you want, and the pricing is fair. I know some people are looking for a smokin’ deal, but, in my experience, most clients want good quality and are willing to pay reasonable prices for that quality. A deal is great, but not if they don’t get the images they need.

The other reality is that as our lives become ever more digital (heck you’re reading this online right now, right!) you want files you can share. You want files you can show RIGHT NOW to your mom. To your sister. To post on Facebook and Instagram for your friends and acquaintances to oooh and aaah over. I get it. I want you to have that. And I want those images you post to look amazing.


Here’s the thing. As a photographer I want to give you what you want (digital files that you can do with what you please), but I also want you to have printed images. My reasoning is NOT because prints and products are profitable, rather, it’s because I want you to have physical images. I know that in the long run, when Facebook is no longer the it thing, when your hard drive gets fried, when you have a massive flood in your garage and things get ruined, that your photographs still matter to you. Maybe more then than they do now. And physical prints survive much better, in the long run, than digital files. You run into your house and save your photo albums. You don’t run in and grab that 10 year old laptop.


Sweet & Simple Pricing

So, I have found myself in the position of wanting to simplify my pricing to both make it easier for clients and to make sure that YOU and ME both get what we want. You want files, you want amazing images, you don’t want to spend too much money. I want to make beautiful images. I want to make enough to cover my time away from my family and the equipment I need to make those images. And I want you to have prints.

I have moving to a simple pricing model. It’s not exactly “all inclusive” and it’s not session + prints either. It’s somewhere between.

  • $325          3 Prints
  • $600         10 Prints
  • $1200        25 Prints 

That’s it. Small. Medium. Large. And you get the digital file for every print you buy. You get printing rights. You get it at both a full resolution digital version and one sized/formatted for social media. Sweet and simple. And priced fairly.

If you choose, you can make prints from your files wherever you like. I will offer my suggestions for consumer labs that will take good care of you and make great prints. You can still order professional prints, wall art, custom albums, and photography products from me. Those will all be priced fairly. And the quality is top-notch. Professional labs make archival-quality products that are guaranteed for color and printing.