Makeup for Great Portraits


Makeup for Great Photos

Preparing for your photo shoot usually begins a few days or weeks before the actual day of your session. You have to set up the details. You have to pick the outfits. You have to get everyone ready for the shoot. And then there’s you. You hold the whole thing together. And you want to look good! 

I will help you with great lighting and posing, but usually they makeup and clothes are up to you. This post is to help you get the makeup right so you look gorgeous and feel confident.


First, the easiest way for you to look great on the day of your photoshoot is for you to be well rested and hydrated. That means getting plenty of sleep the night before your shoot. Nothing really can replace the beauty effects of sleep.

Second, *consider* working with a makeup artist if your budget allows and/or these photos are really important for you, such as if we’re doing head shots for your book or website. Makeup artists are can help take the guess work out of looking great. You may already have a good relationship with a local artists you normally buy makeup from, if so, give her a call and see if she does freelance work or if she would suggest a friend she trusts. Alternately, I work with several great makeup artists that I can connect you with before your shoot.


If you’re doing your own makeup here are a few big tips to make sure your skin is camera-ready.

  1. Avoid sparkly products on the skin. That means mineral makeup, glittery shadows, and anything with a ton of shine - with the exception of lip products. Your skin will photograph best with a matte finish.
  2. Avoid super trendy styles with your makeup. Just like with clothes, makeup trends can look dated long before you want them to. Our goal is usually to make timeless photos, so stick to tried and true makeup looks.
  3. Use powder. Lots of people use powder on a daily basis, but if you’re not one of them, consider it for your photo shoot. Powder can be used to set your foundation, but also to reduce oil and shine. (You might even be able to talk you guy into trying a little clear powder for the photos, as well.)

Bring your powder and lip color with you to the shoot for touch-ups.


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