Portrait Session FAQ

Having your portrait taken can go one of two ways, either you are relaxed, have a great time, and get awesome photos, or the whole thing sucks. I firmly believe that the experience you have before and during the session directly determines whether or not you like your photos.

Here are a few articles you can peek at to get ready for your portrait session:

What to Wear - The single most common concern most clients have before their portrait session is "what should I wear," followed closely by "will this look good in photos." This article highlights a few of my best tips for selecting clothing for your portrait session.

Sweet & Simple Pricing - If the number one thing clients think about before their session is what they should wear, what's the number one thing they think of before they hire their photographer "how much will it cost?' This year I've spent a lot of time thinking about price and value. My goal is to provide a great value to you at a fair and reasonable price. I want you to get what you want and I want to do it in a way that I can continue to photograph families for years to come.

How to Hire a Photographer - When it's time to schedule a portrait session how do you hire a photographer? This article discusses all the main areas you should consider when you are looking for a photographer.

The Other Side of the Lens - One of my favorite articles is an in depth look at family portrait sessions from the other side of the camera. In this article I talk about what it was like to be the portrait client and how that has influenced the way that I work with clients.

When Was the Last Time You had a Really Great Photo of Yourself? - Maybe you need a photo for your website. Maybe you need something new for Facebook. Maybe you've never had a really great photo of yourself. Not only does this article encourage you to have a really great photo taken of yourself, it gives you practical tips for looking better in ALL photos.

The Importance of Photographs - Why should you have professional portraits? This article explores the reasons why capturing moments in your life is so very important.

Does Gear Matter? - When hiring a photographer does their gear matter? The short answer is yes, but...

I have a series of articles that highlight the different session types I offer. I add articles to this series as time goes on, but the first two are Family Portrait Session Profile and Newborn Session Profile.

Anatomy of a Great Family Photo Shoot Location and Location Matters - These two articles give you a little peek into what goes into selecting a great location for portrait shoots. 

Photographing Siblings - I grew up as an only child, so I'm fascinated by the relationship between siblings. This article talks about the importance of capturing both the "picture perfect" and realistic sides of siblings.