How to Hire a Photographer

What is Lux 22 Photography?

What exactly is Lux 22 Photography?

Lux 22 Photography is a Child and Family Portrait Photography studio based in Southern California. Photographer Carolyn Haines creates unforgettable portrait sessions that document the most important part of your life: your family.

But why "Lux 22"?

Well, since you asked. ;) "Lux" is a unit of measurement for how we perceive light. Since photography means "writing with light," lux is how we see that light. I would love to give you a brilliant answer to what 22 means, but the truth is, I just like the number 22.


How do you pick a photographer?

1. You like their work. 

The most important part of hiring a family photographer is deciding if you like their work! Please take a look at my portfolio page and see if this is what you have in mind for your portraits.

2. Their style and creative vision match yours.

At Lux 22 my goal is to make classic, timeless images of your family. I use classic posing in contemporary settings for a clean look. I want to capture a time in your life that you can cherish forever. I work with families of all sizes and ages.

3. They can meet your needs.

Not every photographer does every type of photo shoot. Most photographers specialize in one or two main areas they love. Lux 22 Photography is a children's and family portrait studio. I don't photograph fashion models, I don't take on wedding clients, but I do know lots of great photographers who do. Look for someone who specializes in the type of session you need.

If the match looks good, get more information and then book a session!

I would love to talk to you more about your family. We can chat on the phone or over Skype, but my preference is to meet you and buy you a coffee. When we talk you can see more of my work and see if we're a good fit. We'll also talk about what your session will be like. Besides, who doesn't love to be treated to coffee!


I go above and beyond to make sure you look and feel great in your photos. I know how much work it is to get portraits made and want to make your experience fun and easy. You will love the images we make.

What your friends will say about your family photos: